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Resin bond diamond and CBN wheels are the most cost-effective way of grinding hard materials. Resin Bond wheels are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We have unrivalled experience in developing bond formulations to meet the most demanding applications.

We have particular specialisation in larger diameter wheels, especially for roll-grinding or centreless grinding applications.

We can also offer WORLD CLASS Diamond & CBN wheels for the following applications:

  • Centreless wheels for the grinding of Carbide & Ceramic.
  • Resimet alternative wheels for manual dry grinding on tool & cutter machines.
  • Resin bond Diamond/CBN, Metal bond Diamond for CNC tool & cutter grinding Machinery (ANCA, Walter, Schneeberger, Deckel, Topwork and Rollomatic).
  • Vollmer woodworking machines.
  • Grinding of stellite tipped bandsaws.
  • Ceramic grinding.
  • Large diameter roll grinding for the paper/anilox printing industry.
  • Surgical blade manufacture.
  • Tungsten carbide die manufacture (ultra free cutting, fine grit diamond wheels).
  • Vit diamond wheels for Coborn/Ewag machines (Diamond tool manufacture).
  • Resin bond Diamond wheels for grinding bits for oil, gas and mining.
  • Resin bond Diamond wheels for the grinding of thermally applied coatings.
  • HSS saw blade manufacture/resharpening


Castle-Tech are one of Europe’s premier manufacturers of Vitrified Diamond Grinding wheels. Our continuous bond development means that, unlike other manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of bonds to suit your particular grinding requirements.

Used primarily in the manufacture of Diamond Tooling. Grinding of PCD & PCBN is a particularly demanding application as there is very little difference between the hardness of the workpiece and the diamond grit in the vitrified bond. A wear resistant but free cutting grinding action is required.

Whether it be PCD (with or without carbide/steel backing), PCBN (with or without carbide/steel backing) or Cermet grinding we are confident that we have a bond to suit your requirements.

Our new highly advanced formulations mean that (for the first time) only one wheel is required to grind all current polycrystalline materials. Please ask for more details.


To optimise the performance of the latest CNC grinding machine technology, Castle-Tech have developed a range of wheels to cope with the demands of grinding solid carbide tooling. The CTM1 Hybrid Bond system brings together the ultra free cutting performance of Resin Bond, and combines with the low wear characteristics of traditional Metal Bonded wheels.

Suitable for use on ANCA, Walter, Deckel, Schneeberger and Rollomatic CNC Tool & Cutter grinding machines.

Features & Benefits:
  • Unique Castle-Tech CTM1 Hybrid Bond system gives:
  • Outstanding corner retention properties
  • Minimal wheel wear
  • Very high stock removal & feed rates
  • Cool cutting action
  • Low grinding forces & power consumption

Application/Wheel Shapes

Fluting Gashing Relief/Point
1A1 1V1 or 12V9 11V9 or 11A2
Electroplated Wheels and Tooling

Electroplated Wheels and Tooling

Castle-Tech can supply a large range of high-quality Electroplated Diamond and CBN products. Electroplated products are very free cutting and are ideal for applications requiring high stock removal. Electroplated wheels are also a cost-effective method of grinding forms into hard materials. A strip and replate service (utilising the original tool/wheel blank) is also available.